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Women in Business Appreciation

September 22 is National Business Women’s Day! We get the opportunity to highlight our badass owner, Natalie Padgett! Please read a few things that some of our instructors had to say about her.


“Natalie has resilience to persevere building a business in the world of adversity. Momma of a blending family running a business, that’s badass!” – Christina Davila

“Grit is a true small business, locally owned and operated, by Natalie Padgett. Under Natalie’s leadership Grit’s team provides Northern Colorado with unique fitness choices and an empowering fitness experience.

Running a small business is no easy feat. Regardless of the many challenges that come, Grit’s way Natalie remains headstrong, professional and a real life example of what her gym embodies.

Natalie consistently shows strength in the physical, mental and emotional. She uses these skills to succeed by fighting through whatever life hands her (or her business). She is passionate about using fitness as the platform to share her powerful, positive values with the community.

Connection, grit and compassion cannot be imitated. To be felt by others they need to be genuine. To grow they need to be consistently available. To make an impact they need leaders, like Natalie Padgett, who create spaces like Grit.

Whether you work alongside Natalie on her team or workout in her presence during a class, the vibe Grit creates is undeniable. Thank you, Natalie Padgett, for bringing your vision to life and making the choice to positively impacting those around you.” – Diane O’Connor

“Grit is a small women-owned fitness studio located in old town Fort Collins. Natalie Padgett, the owner, is a wonderful leader and a role model to so many. She truly embodies the definition of Grit, especially when it comes to owning and operating a small business. Natalie has believed in me and has helped me to find confidence in myself as an instructor and also as a person.

Natalie has created a unique fitness experience at Grit, one in which you feel inspired and empowered each and every time you walk through the door. A place where you can find your inner badass but have fun while doing it. Natalie has built a community where we believe in building each other up by celebrating each little victory. I am truly inspired by Natalie Padgett.” – Kathryn Bailey

“Natalie is an amazing woman! Not only is she a good boss… she is a friend, role model, mother, and genuine human. I’m honored to be apart of the community that she has created!” – Melody Manzo

“I am constantly inspired by Natalie! She is also the most encouraging leader to her team, always willing to find a way to make it work. Her authenticity shines through from the moment you are greeted at Grit and you’ll feel just as welcome in her classes. She truly is one of a kind and I have found my favorite version of myself working beside her.” – Seggan Sanders