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So the journey begins!

My history with yoga began after I was looking for something to do that was just for “me.” As I look back, the time was at my Saturn Return. I was a mom to two young boys at the time they were probably around 7 and three and a wife to my husband. All of my time was dedicated to their happiness, making sure that all of their needs were met and they were happy with their environment. But my needs? I was ready to find a new challenge and fitness has always been there for me!

I found a hot yoga class at Warrior 1 Yoga in my hometown of Bakersfield, California and started going once a week. I went and found a spot in the absolute back of the room, sweat my butt off and felt amazing after class!! I kept it up until shutdowns in our state with the virus began and my plateau found me, like so many others. My family and I were ready for a lifestyle change and we found our home here in Fort Collins.

My fitness family has not only brought so much joy into my daily life but has also encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone. I have accomplished two modalities in 2022; Lagree and VersaClimb and now I will be adding my 200 hour YTT to that! I am constantly inspired and motivated to be a better person, teacher and woman with every class I take from the Grit instructors. I’m so excited, still a little nervous and already feeling sore from taking more intense classes than I am used to. A reminder that I would love to leave you all with: be gentle with yourself. Gratitude is the gift of joy and I am grateful for all of the opportunities that I have and a body that takes me there.