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Megan & Seggan: YTT Update!

“Whatever makes you uncomfortable is your biggest opportunity for growth.” — Bryant H. McGill

8 weeks ago I felt completely intimidated and overwhelmed by teacher training. I was terrified of failure and worried I wouldn’t be able to get through it. I never could have imagined that just two months later I would feel this strong as both a yoga student and teacher. The knowledge I have been soaking up since September is all sinking in and everything is starting to click. Is it ever perfect? No. Does it have to be? No. Have I grown? Absolutely yes. Can I do this? Absolutely yes. Throughout this process I am constantly reminded that the greatest growth comes out of persevering through difficult and uncomfortable things. Though I am still nervous, insecure and uncomfortable, I have seen so much progress and growth and am able to remind myself that I CAN DO HARD THINGS. I am so excited for this last stretch of training because I know the best is yet to come. I’m not done growing and stretching myself and I won’t be even after training is finished. When we don’t quit because it’s challenging and uncomfortable, we find the greatest growth and reward. The key is to not give up. To trust the process and know that the journey doesn’t have to be easy or perfect to get to our destination. Sometimes the messiest roads have the best views, so soak it all in and trust that you’ll get where you’re going in the end. So proud of myself for making it this far! I can’t wait to experience everything the next 6 weeks have to offer. – Megan

When we first came on the path of yoga teacher training, I was unsure of what to expect. The required classes, in person training and online lectures were all part of what I signed up to be a part of. And now, 8 weeks into this, I have already felt a shift. I am finding new ways to hone my fitness trainer craft and practicing to find my voice each week at Grit has improved my confidence to continue.

I am lucky to have an incredible group of women to look up to, learn from and be completely inspired by. I did not expect to sign up for yoga teacher training and become great friends with so many amazing yoga teachers and teachers in training. I am beyond grateful to have them on this journey with me.

I am so ready to learn our next set of sequencing and see the personal growth from the first half to the next half of training! I am going to take the positive vibes and soak up all of my room for growth and room for improvement. -Seggan