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Power Flow, Restore, Sculpt, Slow Flow

YOGA is a transformative experience where breath with movement generates heat from within. Rather than adding heat to a room, your body will generate that heat from within. This is the essence of our Yoga classes, where we focus on the power of internal energy. Our Yoga sessions are designed to harmonize your body, mind, and spirit, creating a balanced and invigorating environment for all participants.

The Class

With a maximum of 14 people per class, expect lots of attention and hands-on coaching. Whether beginner, intermediate or advanced, modifications make this class suitable for all levels.

The Vibe

At GRIT the vibe is high energy, motivating, and positive. Our studio is all about transforming you physically and mentally so that you can improve every aspect of your life — mind, body, and soul! The studio is dark and moody and just as our other GRIT classes completely driven by music!

The Efficiency

The magic of a non heated flow means your own body is making the class exactly what it is meant to be!

The Movements

Rooted in traditional yoga asana you will see many similar shapes from class to class. The practice is breath with movement encouraging you to find that deep ujjayi breath throughout your practice. GRIT Flow will challenge you to connect mind, body and soul on your mat.

The Method

Using verbal cues, the instructor will guide you through your practice. You are encouraged to add in challenges, try modifications, or take out any postures that don’t serve you.

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