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High Cardio, Low Impact, Contralateral Movement

CLIMB is a heart pumping, beats booming, full body workout. Performed on the state of the art VersaClimber this class is led by a motivating and inspiring instructor choreographed and guided by a new playlist every class. Classes will follow the beat of the music in an immersive studio of lights and loud music.

The Vibe

High energy- like going to the club but without the hangover! With a lighting experience unique to our studio we can guarantee you won’t find another workout like this one in Northern Colorado

The Efficiency

GRIT Climb is a full body workout every time you come. With options on hand placement we can isolate biceps, triceps, back, and shoulders as well as isolating lower body muscles with challenging isolation moves. With proper alignment every muscle in the body is working together from core to arms to legs.

The Movements

Moving on the VersaClimber is like second nature- the positioning is natural and gentle on spine and joints but that doesn’t make the workout easy by any means! Your GRIT instructor will guide you through the workout by challenging tempo, stroke lengths, and choreography.

The Effectiveness

Make the most of your time and energy. VersaClimbing engages all major muscle groups simultaneously, giving you a powerful workout from a single action. Unlike other cardio equipment, the VersaClimber doesn’t retain momentum, meaning YOU earn every foot of elevation you climb. You’ll learn quickly just why VersaClimber workouts burn nearly twice as many calories as other cardio routines.